5 of the Best games for your Pebble from 2015

We have been playing games on small screens – our smartphones, but now, its time to play on much smaller screens, which sit on our wrists. Where there are millions of games available for our smartphones, there are hundreds of games available for our smartwatches as well.

With regard to smartwatches, Pebbles are among the most reliable in terms of features especially battery life – can last up to 5 days.

Similar to other smartwatches, even without touch screen capabilities, Pebble allows you to do a lot of things such as check notifications, answer calls, get directions, and especially play games.

In order for you to easily select the best games available for Pebble, we have listed the best games present on the platform based on Pebble’s statistics from 2015.

Tiny Bird

Tiny Bird Pebble

Remember the very addictive Flappy Bird app? Well there is a clone for that, which can be easily played on your wrist – Tiny Bird.

The app for Pebble brings the same level of difficulty experienced on Flappy Bird, but its specifically developed for your wrist by Stuart Harrell.

Mr. Runner

Mr. Runner Pebble

Developed by Zing Games for Pebble, Mr. Runner is among the best free games available on iOS.

The games explores distinct landmarks as it runs endlessly, a perfect game to keep you entertained while waiting for your next train to arrive.

Pixel Miner

Pixel Miner Pebble

Pixel Miner is said to be the most pointless game, but with over 4.5k likes on the Pebble App Store, the game is among the most popular games for the smartwatch.

Why Pixel Miner? Because basically, you mine pixels and get multipliers which allow you to mine more at a time, also known as Pixels Per Second.

To speed up the mining process, just hold the down bottom right button, which will instantly double the speed at which you mine.

Piny Wings

Piny Wings Pebble

Piny Wings is among the most addictive games for Pebble.

Similar to Tiny Bird, Piny Wings is a clone of an iOS game Tiny Wings. This game is developed by Heiko Behrens.


FitCat Pebble

FitCat is both a virtual pet (obviously a cat), and an activity tracker. The cat named Gnocchi, does what you do in your daily life. So if you are walking, the cat is also walking, if you are sleeping, the cat is also sleeping.

But the more you walk, the more money you earn in the game, which you can use to interact with Gnocchi.

FitCat promotes an active lifestyle. Other features include – different environments for day and night, daily step goal, timeline integration, and more.

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