Apple invests more energy in India as iPhone sales weaken worldwide


Apple announced its Q1 2016 earnings call, reporting iPhone sales fell flat for the first time since the iPhone was introduced in 2007.

But iPhone sales in India grew by 76 percent compared to Q1 2015 earnings.

Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted more growth in the country indicating that Apple is increasingly investing more energy in India.

If we take a look at Apple’s stats from last year, Apple shipped 450,000 smartphones per quarter in India, while over 15 million per quarter in China, and the company only holds smartphone market share of less than 2 percent as 70 percent of smartphones sold in India are below ₹10,000.

Even if iPhone sales are flat in other countries, especially China, Apple is seeing India as a healthy and growing market for its products.

Thus, Apple developing new iPhones which would best fit the Indian smartphone market, as well as discussing things with the Indian government with regard to opening its own stores in the country instead of selling its products through third-party resellers.

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