WhatsApp to add video calling, end-to-end encryption, and Facebook data sharing

Android developer Javier Santos has shared several screenshots of upcoming WhatsApp features such as video calling, end-to-end encryption, document sharing, as well as information sharing to Facebook.

With end-to-end encryption, users will be able to send encrypted messages and make secure calls which third parties and WhatsApp itself can’t see and track. Making the messaging app a secure way of communication.

Though users will have to manually enable end-to-end encryption from the settings.

Another feature being added is sharing WhatsApp data to Facebook, also optional, this feature would allow Facebook to better optimise the News Feed for you based on your WhatsApp usage.

Additionally, based on shared screenshots, WhatsApp may soon add the ability to share documents aside from images, audio, and video files.

Also recently, WhatsApp removed its annual subscription fee, making the messaging app totally free to use globally. As WhatsApp mentioned, that it won’t introduce any third party apps to support its financial needs, but instead will work on new tools allowing users to communicate with businesses.

Thus, introducing secure messaging and calls would make a perfect sense when verifying financial transactions with banks.

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