Blackberry to launch its first Android smartphone in India on January 28

Initially available in the UK, Blackberry is now ready to launch its first Android powered smartphone – Priv, in India on January 28.

Blackberry Priv has a 5.4-inch curved display with 18-megapixel camera, while the device is powered by a hexa-core 1.8GHz dual core and 1.44GHz quad core processor, along with 3GB RAM. The device comes with a 3,410mAh battery.

According to Blackberry, Priv is the most secure Android phone available in the smartphone market, with features such as picture-login and Blackberry Messenger.

With the launch of Priv, Blackberry is moving away from its native operating system – Blackberry OS, to benefit from the large number of apps available on Play Store, allowing users to benefit from both Blackberry Messenger as well as other chat apps such as WhatsApp.

Blackberry Priv went on sale in the US priced at $699 (approximately ₹47,000), while in the UK, it is priced at £579.99 (approximately ₹58,000). We can expect the price for India to be announced during the launch on January 28th.

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