WhatsApp will no longer charge annual subscription fees worldwide

WhatsApp announced yesterday that it will no longer charge annual subscription fees to its users globally.

According to WhatsApp, due it its speed and simplicity, nearly a billion people rely on the service communicating with friends and family.

Although the fee charged by WhatsApp after a free first year usage is very minimal, with the service not charging its users in India. Still, it requires users to add a credit or debit card as a payment method, which could be troublesome for users in developing countries.

Additionally, WhatsApp mentioned that, since the company is removing annual subscription fees, in order to monetise, it will not bring-in any third-party ads. Instead, it will work on new tools allowing users to communicate with businesses such as banks for transaction verifications, or airlines for flight updates.

Similar to Messenger, after buying WhatsApp, Facebook is trying to make the service as primary business tool for communications and other concerns, offering much faster responses and updates.

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