Best Health and Fitness apps for your Pebble smartwatch


Now a days, you can do a lot of things using your smartwatches that smartphones can do. Since the smartwatches allow you control your device, things such as receiving and responding to calls, messages, emails, and other notifications from your wrist, even without touching your phone.

Since these watches sit on your wrists, instead of in your pockets, these are the best tools to track your daily activities such as walking, sleeping, running, and more. Which help us better understand ourselves, leading to better decisions towards our health.

With Pebble recently releasing a native health app, Pebble smartwatches can now track your daily activities, without you installing third party health apps. But still, third party apps are specifically designed to help you get better results with your smartwatch.

Since there are a bunch of Health and Fitness apps available on the Pebble app store, below are the best health apps you need based on Pebble’s data for the past year.


Morpheuz app on Pebble

Morpheuz is a complete sleep app for your Pebble smartwatch, with features such as smart alarm, sleep movement charts that automatically sync with Apple Health app, as well as digital and analogue faces.

In addition to that, it also has features such as power nap, automatic bed time, along with smart alarm memories – which automatically set your alarm for each day.

Morpheuz can also send data to Pebble Timeline, showing alarm and bed time.


Endomondo app on Pebble

This app is specifically developed for activities such as running, cycling, and walking — giving you vibrations on each lap completion along with lap summary.

Download: Endomondo

Gentle Wake

Gentle Wake app on Pebble

With Gentle Wake, you can set different alarms for each day of the week.

Another primary feature on the app is that, it can wake you up by detecting that you are in light sleep, helping you wake up easily. Also, the alarm vibrations start gently then get longer and longer to wake you up.


Fitocracy app on Pebble

You can use Fitocracy to automatically count your reps, no need to count and take note of your reps manually when working out.

7 Minute+

7 Minute+ app on Pebble

A simple Pebble app to help you get in shape with daily 7-minute workout. It also reminds you to exercise every day, helping you to not forget about your workout.

Download: 7 Minute+


Habits app on Pebble

Want to start a habit? then Habits app is for you, as it is designed to help you start and maintain good habits through your Pebble smartwatch with hourly, daily, and weekly reminders.

Additionally, the app offers success streaks, which increase every time you complete your daily or weekly habits.

These are some of the apps you need to make your Pebble smartwatch a health tracking device, helping you to be a better individual, physically as well as mentally.

In addition to Health & Fitness apps, you can check out our list of most important apps you need for your Pebble smartwatch.

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