30 of the best Punjabi songs from 2015

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Since we are several days into 2016, it is still the perfect time to look back on how the year 2015 was for us in general, and music specifically. In Punjabi music industry, it has been the year of new comers. With their single tracks, singers such as Amrit Maan, Zora Randhawa, Sukhe, Hardeep Grewal, Mankirt Aulakh, and Jordan Sandhu have established themselves in the Punjabi music industry.

Also, with Desi Da Drum establishing Amrit Maan from a lyricist to a singer, made famous his beard style. Similarly, Happy Raikoti, from a lyricist, has established himself as a singer with his songs such as Kudi Mardi Ae Tere Te and 7 Kanaalan.

On the other end, Diljit released back to back hits this year. Songs such as Veervaar, Jatt Fire Karda, and especially Ki Banu Duniya Da – which he sang with the legend Gurdas Maan, have been continuously played on DJs since there released dates.

Aside from these mentioned above, there were a lot of great songs released within the year. We have selected 30 of the best songs to help you easily find the songs you can listen to from 2015.

Ki Banu Duniya Da

Gurdas Maan and Diljit Dosanjh released this song on Independence Day, giving the youth a message about the future of our nation based on current issues such as drugs, as well as speaking about roots in the age of modernity.

The song is a great collaboration between a current superstar and a legend in the Punjabi music industry. The composition and lyrics of the song are by Gurdas Maan – re-writing his previous Ki Banu Duniya Da. Music for the song is produced by Jatinder Shah.

Desi Da Drum

Released in July, Desi Da Drum is the first song from Amrit Maan as a singer. Amrit Maan wrote the lyrics for the song, since he is already a well established lyricist in the music industry. While the music for the song is given by DJ Flow and video being directed by Arvinder Khaira released under Speed Records.

Jatt Fire Karda

Sang by Diljit Dosanjh, while lyrics by Amrit Maan and music is given by “Mohali Wala” Preet Hundal, again the video is by Arvinder Khaira starring Diljit himself along with Sardar Sohi and Rajvir Bawa.


Song by Jassi Gill starring Himanshi Khurana and lyrics by Happy Raikoti, Laden song teases the girl about fearlessness of a guy from the girl’s father he loves, it is released under Speed Records.

Time Table

Time Table portrays a classic love story of a couple, mentioning the ways a couple use to get connected with each other through letters and without today’s social giants such as Facebook or advanced smartphones.

Song is sang by Kulwinder Billa, while the lyrics are given by Abbi Fatehgaria and the video of the song is directed by Sandeep Sharma.

Yaari Chandigarh Waaliye

Yaari Chandigarh Waaliye by Ranjit Bawa is penned by Kabal Singh and music is given by Beat Minister. The song simply shows what happens when a guy falls in love with a girl from Chandigarh and gets irritated from her habits.


Inch song is the first major hit from Zora Randhawa, rap for the song is given by Fateh while the lyrics and composition by Mavi Singh and released under Panj-aab records.

Wakhra Swag

Nicely sang by new comer Navv Inder, the music for the song is given by Badshah and lyrics by Navi Kamboz. The video is by Robby Singh, with Navv Inder and Badshah wearing black “Kurta Pajama” made the costume famous all over the world.


Patola is by new comer Guru Randhawa along with Bohemia. The composition is given by Preet Hundal while the lyrics are penned by Guru Randhawa himself and Sabi.


Sang by Muzical Doctorz Sukhe and Bohemia, the lyrics for Jaguar are given by Jaani. While the music is given by Sukhe himself and the video by Robby Singh released under Speed Records.

5 Taara

5 Taara is the latest track from Diljit Dosanjh. Lyrics of the song are penned by Ranbir Singh while music is given by Jatinder Shah. Song video is directed by Anurag Singh starring Diljit Dosanjh himself and Tris Dhaliwal.

All Black

After Jaguar and Sniper, All Black is third successful single from Sukhe. Rap for All Black is given by Raftaar while the music is given by both Sukhe and Raftaar, lyrics are penned by Jaani and video by Robbie Singh.

Naa Ji Naa

Released in March 2015, Naa Ji Naa is another romantic song from Hardy Sandhu. The lyrics of the song are penned by Jaani, while the heart touching video released under T-Series is directed by Arvinder Khaira.

Thokda Reha

One of the best songs from Ninja this year starring Himanshi Khurana and the video directed by Parmish Verma. The lyrics for Thokda Reha are written by Sulakhan Cheema.

Muchh Phut Gabhru

Muchh Phut Gabhru is the first single from new comer Jordan Sandhu, the song established Jordan Sandhu in the Punjabi music industry. The lyrics are penned by all time famous Bunty Bains and music is given by Desi Crew.

Time Table 2

Similar to movies, Time Table 2 is sequel of Time Table, which is obviously also sang by Kulwinder Billa. With Time Table 2, the main character is basically reminiscing about his love story, and the video beautifully portraying the events during the old times which is directed by Frame Singh.

Similar to Time Table, lyrics are also penned by Abbi Fatehgaria, with music given by Laddi Gill.

Pind De Gerhe

Rupinder Handa is back after a while with her single Pind De Gerhe. Lyrics are penned by Narinder Batth and the music is given by Desi Crew. Released under T-Series.

Chakkwein Suit

Aside from Time Table and Time Table 2, Chakkwein Suit is another hit song from Kulwinder Billa. With lyrics penned by Preet Kanwal and music given by Tigerstyle. The video of the song is directed by Sandeep Sharma which is released by T-Series.

Muchh Te Mashook

Muchh Te Mashook is the second single by Amrit Maan as singer, the audio of the song came way before the video, which was released just recently – December 27. The video is directed by Arvinder Khaira while the music is given by JSL.

Kudi Mardi Ae Tere Te

Kudi Mardi Ae Tere Te is a single from lyricist turned singer. Of course the song is written and sang by Happy Raikoti, while the music is given by Laddi Gill and video directed by Robby Singh.


Thokar is the most inspirational song from 2015, the video shows how a guy did not loose faith in himself and kept on working for his goal. The song brought a message to spark inspiration in those who are still struggling to achieve something.

According to the producer of video – Tarsem Jassar, the full video of the song was shot in six long months, just to show the body transformation of a person. Check out the hard worked video below.

Sucha Soorma

Sucha Soorma seems to be the only Lok Gatha released in 2015. The song is beautifully sang by Kulwinder Billa, perfectly depicting the story of Sucha Soorma, which was previously sang by Kuldeep Manak.

Lyrics for Sucha Soorma by Kulwinder Billa are penned by Bunty Bains and the classical video of a classical song is by Stalinveer starring Billa himself along with Harinder Bhullar, and Raj Dhaliwal.

Kite Kalli

After the success of Yaari released by Yaar Anmulle, Maninder Buttar came with another single in 2015 but with Panj-aab Records this time – Kite Kalli, heart touching song beautifully sang by the new comer.

Music for the song is given by Preet Hundal, while the lyrics are by Happy Raikoti and video by Virsa Arts.

Gallan Mithiyan

Gallan Mithiyan song shows a couple’s love towards each other simply by doing stuff for each other. The lyrics are penned by Bittu Cheema, while the music if given by Gupz Sehra.


According to Diljit, the song was to be released as a single but eventually it was included in the end credits of his movie – Sardaar Ji. The lyrics of the song are penned by Ranvir Singh while the music is by Jatinder Shah.

Zindabaad Yaarian

Zindabaad Yaarian is the latest track from Ammy Virk, showing the value of friendship above all other things. Music for the song is given by Gupz Sehra while lyrics given by Maninder Turke and the video directed by Arvinder Khaira.


Similar to Veervaar by Diljit, Kurta song is also part of a movie – Angrej by Amrinder Gill. Lyrics of Kurta are penned by Happy Raikoti and the music is given by Jatinder Shah.

Jugaadi Jatt

Before Gallan Mithiyan, Mankirt Aulakh came with Jugaadi Jatt, giving two great singles just within few months. Music for Jugaadi Jatt is given by Gupz Sehra while the lyrics are penned by Prince Rakhdi.


Aadat is also a heart touching song from Ninja. The lyrics for the song are by Nirmaan, while the music if given by GoldBoy and the video is directed by Parmish Verma.


Last but not the least on our list is Jhidkaan by Mehtab Virk. Lyrics for this sweet song are given by Veet Baljit, while the music is from Preet Hundal. The video of the song is by Rahul Dutta which is released under Speed Records.

The year 2015 was really the year of new comers, yet in 2016, we can expect to see more great songs from singers such as Ranjit Bawa, Amrit Maan, Jordan Sandhu, and more. Stay tuned for more. Hope you enjoyed the list curated by the Pendu Web team. Enjoy!

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