12 Features added to Facebook Messenger in 2015


Facebook released a report highlighting 2015 features and app usage worldwide, indicating that 800 million people use Facebook Messenger each month.

Of course, part of the growth was requiring users to install Messenger if they want to send and receive messages using Facebook, another was removing the requirement of having a Facebook account to use Messenger.

But, several features added to Facebook Messenger were also among the reasons behind Messenger’s growth worldwide.

According to the report, the company is really working hard to improve all over performance which include making the app much faster compared to other chat apps and adding features such as video calling, making the app much useful as a primary communication tool.

Aside from these, other features added in 2015 are discussed below.

Messenger Platform

Facebook launched Messenger Platform in March 2015, allowing developers to create apps that can be integrated with Messenger – for users to better express themselves with GIFs, photos, videos, and audio clips.

Video Calling

Facebook Messenger now offers every communication format from basic chat messages, audio calls, to video calls. Allowing users to make video calls easily with their Facebook friends.

Customized Colours, Nicknames & Emojis

This feature allows users to easily customize their cats in different ways with various colour choices, emojis, and nicknames for chats.

Facebook Messenger coloured chats
Facebook Messenger coloured chats

Businesses on Messenger

By introducing businesses on Messenger, Facebook made it much easier for users to communicate with businesses for things such as order confirmations, shipping status updates, and other concerns.

Send & Receive Money

Though the feature still available only in the United States, it allows you to send and receive money from your friends through Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Payments
Facebook Messenger Payments

To send money on Messenger, simply tap the $ icon and enter the amount you want to send, then tap Pay in the top right and add your debit card information to send money.

Faster Speed

Location Sharing

Location sharing was also updated on Messenger, allowing users to share their location with businesses for order deliveries and pickups.

Virtual Business Cards

Message Requests

Initially, when you send a message to someone who is not your friend on Facebook, the message would be delivered to their Other folder in Messages rather than in the primary inbox, thus, resulting in several unattended messages.

In order to fix this, Facebook introduced Message Requests on Messenger. Which allow you ask for permission from your recipient to send and receive messages, even if you are not friends on Facebook.

Photo Magic

Facebook introduced this features to easily share photos with friends from Messenger. Photo Magic can recognise your friends in your recent photos and recommend you to send these photos to them.

Transportation Platform

This is most recent feature introduced on Facebook Messenger, allowing users to easily request a ride from a car service such as Uber. Also available only in the US for now.


M is a virtual assistant integrated within Messenger, which gives users the ability to do basic tasks such as ordering stuff online, or making searches on the web.

With these features already present on Messenger, Facebook is working hard to improve the platform, and we can expect from the company to expand these features to other countries worldwide this year, reaching much larger user base.

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