Government launches AgriMarket app for farmers to get market prices online

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Government launched AgriMarket app for agriculture traders and farmers in India to get online prices for agricultural markets all over India.

AgriMarket app can automatically get prices of crops in markets within 50kms of your location as well as without location by selecting specific markets in the country.

According to the government, AgriMarket app has been developed to keep farmers updated with crop prices all over the country as well as for markets specific to your location.

In addition to AgriMarket, the government also launched Crop Insurance app to calculate insurance premium in notified crops based on area, amount, and loan amount. Additionally, you can get information such as sum insured, extended sum insured, as well as subsidy information.

Agriculture Minister – Radha Mohan Singh, during the launch of apps said,

Government spends huge amount in extending crop insurance to farmers. Due to administrative and technical reasons, much of the information related to crop insurance has not able to reach farmers in time to take advantage of the existing schemes. This mobile app will provide complete details of crop insurance.

Both apps are available in English and Hindi language. Download the apps from the following links,

In addition to two apps for farmers, as part of Digital India programme, the government also announced e-Sampark initiative to inform citizens of proposed policies or decisions of the government, launch of new schemes from the government, urgent alerts, as well as other government updates.

Through e-Sampark initiative, the government will send notifications through e-mail or text messages. The e-Sampark database currently include over 80-lakh email addresses and over 1-crore mobile numbers of government officials.

Now, aside from government officials, the government is opening subscriptions for non-government employees, allowing everyone to sign-up to get updates from the Prime Minister Office.

e-Sampark initiative could really be helpful during emergency situations to send urgent alerts. To subscribe for updates, non-government employees would need to fill up an online form specifying their name, e-mail address, age, and profession.

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