Pebble brings native health tracking with latest update


Pebble recently rolled out another update to its smartwatches’ software, introducing Pebble Health – native app to track your daily activity such as steps and sleep, without a third party app.

According to Pebble, this feature has been developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University.

With its ability to fully integrate with Pebble’s timeline, your daily stats are easily accessible with a single button, summarizing information such as sleep amount and step count at the end of the day.

Pebble Health also syncs with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit automatically, presenting your daily stats with better visualizations.

Health app on Pebble Round

Pebble Health app is available for Pebble Time, Time Steel, as well as Time Round running Firmware 3.8 and above. Simply update your Pebble to the said firmware version to get the Pebble Health app.

Similar to Pebble Health, Misfit is health tracking app as well which tracks steps and sleep based on wrist movements differentiating between light and deep sleep.

In addition to Pebble Health app, the company is also introducing Health API. For developers to build apps and make better use of health related information collected by Pebble smartwatch.

With the launch of Pebble Health and a partnership with Stanford Wearable Health lab, Pebble is really pushing to make its smartwatches better health tracking devices, improving health research along the way.

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