Here are Google’s plans for India in 2016

Google India

Sundar Pichai is currently on his first visit to India as the CEO of Google, making announcements with Google focusing on millions of Indians who are already online, as well as more than 200 million who are to get online by 2017.

Speaking in New Delhi today, he talked about Google’s plans to make India a better connected nation with its lightweight yet useful services such as Offline Maps in the country.

Sundar Pichai mentioned that Google is just getting started in India, adding that when the company build products for India, they eventually become available globally. Making the nation as a perfect ground to test new products and services before launching in other countries.

Part of Google’s plan to provide high speed WiFi on 400 railways stations in India, Sundar Pichai confirmed that with RailTel partnership, Mumbai Central station will be online by January 2016 – becoming the first train station to get WiFi from Google, with 99 more to follow through the year.

Additionally, as Google recently announced its Project Loon plans in India, the company is working with major telecom operators to bring free internet to remote places in the country. Google is helping women from 300,000 villages across the country by giving demos on how to use a smartphone to get useful information with regard to childcare, financial, along with household tips.

He also mentioned the importance of better web experience for users who are getting online for the first time, citing services such as YouTube Offline, and Offline Maps as key services which can be used without an internet connection.

Google is also expected to launch its Tap to Translate feature by 2016, which allow users to translate messages in apps such as WhatsApp without leaving the app.

Google is also partnering with local smartphone makers such as LAVA and Intex to bring its Indic keyboard by default on their Android devices, allowing users to easily translate in 11 Indian languages.

Also, Google wants to serve better with its search engine by integrating real-time cricket scores, video highlights, including better search capabilities by using Indian languages.

He also mentioned its Android One – affordable Android smartphone available in the country which supports Android Marshmallow along with other high-end devices such as Nexus 5X and 6P.

Concluding his announcement, he said,

I just want to say, thank you. This country has given me and Google so much; I hope we can give much more in return to India in the months and years ahead.
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