You can now delete sent messages on Viber

How many times have you sent a message to the wrong person while chatting? Viber’s latest update is making it less frustrating, as the app now allows you to delete messages that are already sent – whether the person has seen it or not.

Also, further updates included with this update are the ability to attach files and much easier sharing.

With this update, you can delete sent messages even if those are already seen by your recipients. To delete a message on Android device, simply tap and hold on the message then select Delete for everyone.

While for iOS, tap and hold on a message then select Delete, then choose Delete for everyone to delete the message permanently from your recipient’s inbox.

Ability to delete messages on others’ inbox gives you much more control over the information you want to make available to others. Additionally, you can now attach files such as documents, presentations, or other files directly to your chats.

Other features for iOS include the option for replying to messages without opening the app, as well as Spotlight search support for chats and contacts. While easy sharing options for Android has been added as well.

Download latest Viber for Android and iOS.

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