Now everyone in India can use’s Free Basics app

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the company is expanding its Free Basics app to everyone in India. Allowing citizens of the country to use health, education, jobs, and communication services for free.

Initially the service was available in states such as Andra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharasthra, Tamil Nadu, and Telegana, and by partnering with Reliance, the company is making it available nationwide.

Free Basics will allow people to access the internet for latest news, searching jobs, researching on home works, local weather updates, and more.

According to Zuckerberg, Free Basics will help the next 1 billion Indians to connect to the internet, and Facebook hoping to increase its 130 million Indian user base.

As an example given by Zuckerberg, that by using Free Basics, a farmer in India doubled his crop production by staying updated on local weather and monsoon season.

In addition to that, Facebook’s has been under controversy as according to the critics that the service violates Net Neutrality guidelines, thus major tech companies in India pulling out from the project.

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