8 of the best video streaming apps for your Apple TV


Latest Apple TV was launched in last September with updated hardware, Siri support, and new operating system – tvOS, which allows developers to build native apps along with a dedicated app store for Apple TV.

With extensive Siri support for searching video content by speaking into your Apple TV remote to issue voice commands, along with Siri’s universal search capabilities allowing you to search through all apps with one query instead of opening an app and then searching for content.

With universal search, let’s say you are searching for a movie, simply issue a search query and Siri will automatically search in all movie streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Now, and more. Also, you can perform actions such as play, pause, rewind, and fast forward, all with Siri.

Siri universal search on Apple TV
Siri universal search - Apple TV

Apple TV has Music app as well for you to listen to unlimited music with Apple’s latest music streaming service – Apple Music.

Apple says that the future of TV is apps, but the big screen is always best for watching movies and other video content. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve sorted out the best video streaming apps currently available for Apple TV. Let us begin with Plex – media streaming app for Apple TV.


Control Apple TV Plex app with iPhone
Plex from iPhone

Plex allows you to play videos, music, and photos to Apple TV that are stored on your computer or a NAS (Network-attached storage). Making complete list of movies available on computer to your TV, playable with a single touch.

This app shows media content right on the Apple TV screen, such as high quality movie trailers, interviews, as well as Rotten Tomatoes ratings for your content. Additionally, you can even control the TV app with your iPhone.

So in order to connect Plex from Apple TV to your computer, you would need to download the Plex app on Apple TV while Plex Media Server on your computer, then just pair both to play content smoothly.

Download: Plex & Plex Media Server


Netflix is one of the must have apps on Apple TV for you to watch unlimited movies, including TV shows developed by Netflix such as Daredevil, Bloodline, Orange is the New Black, House of the Cards, and more.

With Netflix on Apple TV, the app utilizes Siri’s universal search capabilities allowing you to search movies from your TV’s home screen, including search by genre, release date, or even specific TV episodes.

Download: Netflix


Hulu Apple TV
Hulu on Apple TV

With Hulu on Apple TV, you get to stream iTunes video, music, and photo libraries from your computer, along with latest and top TV shows – such as Flash, Quantico, Family Guy, including kids programs, as well as Hollywood movies.

While Netflix is advantageous than Hulu content wise, Hulu is better built (user interface wise) for Apple TV compared to Netflix. Similar to Plex, Hulu also allows you to control the app from your iPhone, iPad, or even from the Apple Watch.

Download: Hulu


Does this even need an introduction with regard to its features?

Similar to other platforms such as YouTube for web, the app brings the same amount of video content to your Apple TV. Allowing you to enjoy video content from songs, TV shows, movies, concerts, and more.

Download: YouTube


With HBO Now available on Apple TV, you get access to Hollywood blockbusters, as well as shows such as Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, exclusively developed by HBO.

Game of Thrones on Apple TV
Game of Thrones on Apple TV

HBO Now subscription includes app access on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, including Apple TV, and even HBO Now for web.

Download: HBO Now


Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Letting streamers to share live events from all around the world.

With the app becoming available on Apple TV, you get to watch live video streams of random people. Though it does not allow you to sign-in to your personal Periscope account on Apple TV. Still, the app offers unlimited video streams including the ability to send hearts and read comments from other people.

Download: Periscope


Squire is also similar to Plex – a media streaming app. But with Squire, you need Squire Helper app on your Mac computer to play videos on your Apple TV. Helper app is where your videos are being processed for things such as subtitle integration.

With Squire’s streams, you can add content from YouTube and also play content from torrents, giving you easy access to unlimited movies.

Download: Squire


Also similar to Plex, with its ability to directly stream high quality video content from your Mac to your Apple TV. It supports all common video and subtitle formats as well.

To play videos on your Apple TV, simply drag your video files to Beamer app on your Mac, then Beamer will automatically handle file format conversions if needed and start playing on the your TV right away.

Download: Beamer

These are the apps you can use to make your Apple TV an extensive device for streaming video on the big screen. Though, as the Apple TV with tvOS is new, these apps are new as well and still have limitations with regard to their capabilities compared to other platforms such as iOS or Android. With apps being added to the Apple TV app store everyday, the app store is very likely to grow with regard to number of apps.

Should you have other streaming apps in mind, let us know in comments below. Enjoy watching!

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