Now you can use Google Maps without Internet in India

Google made offline maps feature available just last week, today, the company is launching the same feature in India for Android users.

Google Maps Offline allow you to download an area for offline use where you can search for destinations, get turn-by-turn directions, find information such as opening hours of places within your downloaded area, all without internet connection.

With offline maps becoming available in India, you can download entire cities such as Delhi to get directions around the city without internet connection. Making Google Maps a reliable maps service for users in India who endure internet connectivity issues with their daily digital activities.

To download an area for offline use, you can search maps by city or an entire country then simply tap Download. Another way to download is by going into Offline Areas under Google Maps menu then tapping plus (+) button to add an area for offline use.

When areas are downloaded for offline use, Google Maps will automatically switch between offline and online modes depending on your internet connection, with offline mode allowing you to track live traffic conditions to your destination.

As mentioned on its India blog today, you will only be able to download areas for offline use over WiFi connection to avoid large data charges, so make sure to download an area before heading to a place without reliable internet connection.

Similar to its launch globally, Offline Maps feature becomes available on Android for now, with iOS support coming soon.

In addition to that, Google announced lowering minimum app prices in Play Store to make Android apps more affordable for emerging markets such as India.

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