20 most useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is one of the most widely used Internet browsers today – around 41% users using Chrome compared to other browsers. It is fast, sleek and reliable. Besides its notable features for safe browsing, quickly commanding your browser with keyboard shortcuts would definitely improve your overall experience with Chrome. Allowing you to speed up your browsing and searching habits.

Below is the handy list of the very useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome in both Windows and Mac platforms.

Open a new tab

To open a new tab, hold Ctrl + T for Windows. While for Mac, hold Command + T.

Open a new tab in Chrome

Close the current tab

To close your current tab quickly, without using your mouse and pressing the x sign on tab header. Use Ctrl + W for Windows, and Command + W if you are on Mac.

Close a tab in Chrome

Re-open the last tab

Did you accidentally closed a tab? Use Ctrl + Shift + T to retrieve the tab on Windows, and Command + Shift + T for Mac. Chrome can remember up to last 10 tabs that you’ve closed.

Re-open a closed tab in Chrome

Put cursor in search bar

This keyboard shortcut can become handy when you want to copy a URL from your browser’s address bar, simply use Ctrl + L for Windows, and Command + L for Mac to select the full URL from current tab.

Put cursor in search bar in Chrome

Reload current webpage

Something is not loading properly? Try refreshing your page with Ctrl + R for Windows, and if you are on a Mac, use Command + R.

Reload a webpage in Chrome

Open browsing history

Should you want to see what you have been browsing lately, try Ctrl + H on your Windows machine, or Command + Y if you are using Mac to see your browsing history in Chrome.

Open browsing history in Chrome

Open downloads

To see your file downloads in Chrome, use Ctrl + J for Windows, while Command + Shift + J does the same if you are on Mac.

Open downloads in Chrome

Print current webpage

Use Ctrl + P for Windows or Command + P for Mac to print the current webpage you are viewing. This shortcut can be really useful when printing application forms directly from your Chrome browser.

Print current webpage with Chrome

Save current webpage

To save the page you are currently viewing, simply use Ctrl + S for Windows and Command + S for Mac operating system.

Save current webpage with Chrome

Open the find bar

Looking for something specific on a webpage? Try using Ctrl + F on Windows or Command + F for Mac to search for the information you need within the page.

Open the find bar in Chrome

Bookmark current webpage

Bookmarks bar is a handy tool in every browser to save webpages for later use or just for reference. Try Ctrl + D if you are on a Windows machine or Command + D if on a Mac to bookmark this page for your reference (handy Chrome shortcuts, oyeah!).

Bookmark current webpage in Chrome

Toggle Bookmarks bar

To hide your bookmarks bar to free up some space on your screen, use Ctrl + Shift + B for Windows and Command + Shift + B for Mac. Use the same shortcut to show the bookmarks bar again.

Show/hide bookmarks bar in Chrome

Bookmark all opened pages

Want to bookmark all opened pages in your current Chrome window? Use Ctrl + Shift + D keyboard shortcut on Windows and Command + Shift + D for Mac to bookmark all of your opened pages in one folder.

Bookmark all pages in Chrome

Zoom-in a webpage

Finding font size on the webpage you are viewing too small to read? Hold Ctrl then press + sign on Windows, or use Command then press + on your Mac machine to zoom in on your current page.

Zoom-in on a webpage in Chrome

Zoom-out a webpage

Or if in case the font size is too large for your screen, simply zoom-out by holding Ctrl then pressing - sign if you are using Windows. Use Command then press - if in case you are using Mac.

Zoom-out on a webpage in Chrome

Return font size to normal

If you are done viewing the zoomed-in or zoomed-out version of your webpage, use Ctrl + 0 (zero) to return everything to its default size on Windows, use Command + 0 (zero) to do the same for your Mac computer.

Return everything to normal size in Chrome

Open a new window

While tab capabilities on modern browsers today leave no room to use separate windows for webpages, as it can be achieved much easily with tabs. But if you still need to create a new window for some other purposes, use Ctrl + N or Command + N keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

Create a new window in Chrome

Open new window in incognito mode

Want to browse the web without saving history or other web cache? Use Chrome incognito window when browsing with Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcut for Windows. While Command + Shift + N does the same on Mac.

Create a new incognito mode window in Chrome

Open page source code

Should you want to see html, javascript, or CSS code of the webpage you are viewing, use Ctrl + U if you are on Windows. For Mac, you can use Command + Option + U.

Open page source code in Chrome

Open link in new tab

Ever in doubt when clicking a link because you might loose what you are currently reading or viewing? Hold Ctrl on Windows or Command on Mac when clicking a link to always open linked pages in separate tabs.

Open a link in new tab in Chrome

Keyboard shortcuts for Chrome on both Windows and Mac are pretty much the same with Ctrl and Command key differences except for viewing browsing history which is Ctrl + H and Command + Y respectively. The similarities will help you remember shortcuts easily if you use both operating systems in your daily activities.

Let us know of your favourite keyboard shortcuts in comments below that best helps you while browsing the web.

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