YouTube Music launched for Android and iOS

As announced last month during the launch of YouTube Red, the company is launching its dedicated music streaming app on Android and iOS, allowing you to listen to personalized stations offering unlimited number of songs based on your taste of music.

As YouTube is currently the primary source to find latest music, and a place for artists to get discovered by millions of people from around the world. With the launch of YouTube Music, the company is stepping into streaming services similar to Apple Music, Spotify, and Saavn.

With YouTube Music, you will be able to find music videos, songs, artists, and albums including song remixes, covers, as well as concert footages and live recordings.

Unlike other music streaming services, YouTube will be benefitting from its large catalog of music and the ability to better personalize songs based on users’ listening habits from YouTube itself.

Since the app is built specifically for music, the home tab recommend tracks and create personalized stations which can play non-stop songs according your taste, while under the trending tab – you get latest releases.

In addition to that, the app also categorizes songs music as On the rise and The Daily 40 – for latest top songs.

Additionally, if you have a YouTube Red membership, you will be able to listen to music without ads, switch between video and audio, supporting an audio only mode, as well as the option to play music even if you are in another app or your device’s screen is off.

YouTube Music is available for download in the US on App Store and Google Play Store, which includes a free 14-day trial to experience YouTube Music without ads.

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