Facebook ads 360-degree videos support for iOS

As reported earlier, Facebook launched its 360-degree videos on the social platform in September, allowing you to watch videos from any angle.

Initially, this features was only available for Facebook on web and Android, the company is adding support for iOS today.

With 360-degree video support, you will be able to see different angles of the video by moving your phone around in appropriate direction, or drag the video using your finger. While on the web, you can use your mouse cursor to drag in a 360-degree video.

Here is a sample of 360-degree video from Facebook.

360 Video on Facebook

Posted by 360 Videos on Facebook on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Though not much large number of 360-degree videos are available on the social network for now, but you can watch out for video creators such as Star Wars, Discovery, and GoPro to try out this new feature on your iOS device.

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