Here are the new features in first major update for Windows 10

Windows 10 was officially released in July this year, and within four months the operating system was already installed on 75-million devices. The two primary reasons for its quick adoption are major system wise improvements over the previous versions and the fact that Windows 10 update is free for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users.

In addition to that, Microsoft has said that this will be the last version of Windows from the company, which means you’ll get frequent updates (similar to this update today) rather than a major version of Windows.

With this first major update to Windows 10, Microsoft has added several UI changes such as – coloured title bars for apps, improved system icons, context menus update, along with other changes such as Skype integration with Microsoft Messaging app.

Windows 10 will now allow installation of apps to external storage, as well as allowing Cortana to work without Microsoft account.

In its blog post yesterday, Microsoft highlighted the major improvements.

    Performance improvements for daily tasks such as boot time in Windows 10 is 30 percent faster compared to Windows 7.
  • Cortana is now able to recognize information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or physical address for you to set reminders easily based on the given information. Additionally, Microsoft is making customized Cortana available for markets like Australia, Canada, India, and Japan.
  • Microsoft Edge gets performance and security updates, adding features such as webpage preview as you hover on tabs, ability to sync passwords, Favourites, Reading List across your devices.
  • Further improvements to Mail, Calendar, Photos, Groove, Xbox Store, OneNote, Solitaire, and more.

Other features added to this major update are:

New Messaging app for Windows 10

With dedicated app, Microsoft has added messaging capabilities to Windows 10 with the help of Skype integration, which allows you to directly reply to messages from notifications and make audio–video calls without downloading full version of Skype.

With messaging on Windows 10, Cortana can send text messages through your Windows phone.

Ability to resize side-by-side windows automatically

When you have two windows opened side-by-side, you can simply drag at the center to resize both windows at the same time, similar to multitasking on iOS.

Coloured Windows

Now you can set app title bars of any colour you like by going into Personalization > Colors.

Windows 10 coloured title bars

With the major features being added to this update, if you are already on Windows 10, there is no reason not to update your current version of the operating system.

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