The most important apps you need for your Pebble Time

Pebble smartwatch was first introduced in 2013 as a result of most successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. With the fourth model of the smartwatch just being released – Pebble Time Round, there has been four previous models available from Pebble – Pebble Classic, Pebble Steel, Pebble Time, and Pebble Time Steel.

We will be discussing the apps you need for your Pebble Time smartwatch today. The best features of the Pebble Time are its long battery life (can go up to 7 days without charging), compatibility with Android and iOS, along with easy customization of the smartwatch – software and accessories wise.

Currently, there are a bunch of apps available on the Pebble app store, well not as many compared to the “App Store”, but the number is large enough to make your Pebble smartwatch very useful on your wrist.

We have picked up the most important apps you need to install as soon as you get your Pebble Time. So, here goes the list.


Evernote app on Pebble

We all know what Evernote is for, right? With Evernote available on Pebble, it gives you the ability to view important information such as notebooks, reminders, and to-do items – even allows you to mark your to-dos as complete from your wrist.

Download: Android and iOS

Nav Me

This app brings Google navigation to your wrist, giving you real time information such as turn by turn directions and route summary. Also shows information like distance to next turn, estimated time arrival, as well as total distance remaining on your Pebble.

Download: Android


Smartwatch+ allows you to extend Pebble’s ability by bringing additional information such as weather, phone’s battery status, GPS location, calendar, as well as reminders from your smartphone.

Download: iOS

News Headlines

BBC News Headlines Pebble

Looking for latest news on your wrist? Then this app is for you.

News Headlines brings you top BBC news stories in several categories such as World, UK, Politics, Science & Environment, Technology, Health, Education, as well as Entertainment & Arts.

News Headlines also lets you customize the categories you want to subscribe to, as well as the font size on your Pebble Time.

Download: Android and iOS

Music Boss

The default Pebble Music app already does a good job to control your smartphone’s music with your smartwatch, but Music Boss gives you much more control than the default music app, allowing you to launch music apps, control volume, rate songs, and display media info such as album art on your smartwatch.

With Music Boss, you control music apps such as Spotify, Rdio, Retune, Google Play Music, Audible and more.

Download: Android


ESPN sports scores on Pebble

Use ESPN to get live scores from several sports such as MLB (Major League Baseball), NFL (National Football League), NHL (National Hockey League), and NBA. Check Live Cricket app for Cricket score updates.

In addition to that, ESPN allows you to easily track upcoming games under Pebble Timeline.

Download: Android and iOS


Awear allows you to respond to text messages from your Pebble Time. With Awear, you can mark as read, archive, or delete emails in your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and IMAP right from your wrist. This app gives you the ability to communicate directly from your smartwatch.

Download: Android


Misfit activity tracker for Pebble

With Misfit, you can track your daily activity such as – walking and sleeping. Additionally, while you are asleep, the app makes use of Pebble Time’s sensors for tracking movement to determine if you are in deep sleep or light sleep.

All the tracked information is displayed back to you using graphs.

Download: Android and iOS

Live Cricket

Cricket match scores on Pebble

This is a must have app if you are a Cricket fan, as you can easily monitor match scores realtime with Live Cricket.

Supporting live scores for T20, Test, and local matches. Live Cricket alerts you when there are major score changes, such as fours or sixes.

Download: Android and iOS

Note to Self

Note to Self allows you to add reminders under Pebble Timeline by speaking into Pebble’s microphone, which could help you keep track of important stuff that you need to remember.

You can add reminders by simply saying phrases such as remind me to buy groceries by 6pm, science class in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Instead of adding reminders, you can take notes by saying,

Note that I visited mom yesterday morning, and tasks such as complete to do items today.

Note to Self uses natural language ability to automatically add time based (such as 6pm above) reminder to your timeline.

Download: Android and iOS


Use Battery+ to track Pebble Time’s battery status and information such as last charge, as well as the time when you would need to charge your Pebble smartwatch again.

Additionally, Battery+ can feed information to your Pebble Timeline, making the information easily accessible with single button click.

Download: Android and iOS

We hope you enjoyed our collection of must have apps for your Pebble Time. Day by day, the number of these apps is likely to grow with Pebble gaining a lot of popularity in the smart wearables market. Should you have other apps in mind for Pebble. Let us know in comments below.

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