Apple Watch is now available in India, priced from ₹30,900

Few weeks ago, Apple announced that the company will be launching its smartwatch – the Apple Watch in India by early November. Today, the company has made both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models available in the Indian market through authorized retailers.

The basic model of Apple Watch Sport 38mm is priced at ₹30,900 while the 42mm is at ₹34,900. The standard model – the smaller 38mm Apple Watch starts from ₹48,900, and the 42mm model is at ₹52,900. The high end Apple Watch Edition 38mm is priced at ₹820,000 (₹8.2 lakh) and 42mm is at ₹990,000 (₹9.9 lakh).

If in case you want extra straps, then those cost starting at ₹3,900.

Major advantages of the Apple Watch over other smartwatches available out there are, the availability of large number of apps through the App Store, and with the latest WatchOS, Apple Watch can be used without the smartphone upon initialization.

Additionally, the Apple Watch is extensively customizable with the ability to tailor notifications and watch faces accordingly.

With its ability to standalone from your iOS device, the Apple Watch can pretty much do everything a smartphone can do, from checking notifications, responding to messages, to making calls from your wrist.

Though, the Apple Watch cannot send messages or make calls without going through your device due to lack of cellular antennas, it does by connecting to your iOS device via bluetooth.

Another unique feature on the Apple Watch is its Force Touch technology, to detect a tap from a deep press, giving you different controls with both.

But another drawback of this smartwatch is that its display is always off to save battery life, compared to other smartwatches such as Pebble Time, which stays always on.

In addition to Apple Watch launch in India, it is being reported that Apple officials are in the country and currently discussing with government officials, the possibility of opening and operating its own stores in India. With large tech companies eyeing India for investments, the government seems to be considering reducing the number of requirements to start operations in the country.

As currently, the Indian law requires certain percentage of manufacturing to be done in the country before any company can open its own retail stores. If there would be any amendments to the Indian law favouring Apple, the company could open its retail stores in India.

Currently, Apple sells its products through stores within Croma stores as a result of recent partnership and a workaround for the company, while the Indian government is working on the changes in its law.

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