Now you can add Skype share button to your website

Via a blog post yesterday, Skype announced its own share button to make content from all around the web much easier to share on the platform.

To showcase the Skype button, the company has partnered with for users worldwide, and for Indian users.

While on a webpage, once you click the Skype share button a window will pop-up for you to sign into your Skype account, then you can pick any number of Skype friends you want to share the content with, then click send.

Additionally, you can add custom text as a description to the content you are sharing before sending it to your friends.

If you want to add the button to your own website, go to Skype share button webpage and generate the button code of your choice – Skype offers several layouts for desktop and mobile sites.

Skype share button layouts
Skype share button layouts

Skype has been making several changes and adding new features such as Mojis – short video clips, as well as the ability to live translate 6 major languages.

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