Finland launches Nokia 3310 emoji

Today, Finland launched its country themed emojis, which includes an emoji for the unbreakable Nokia 3310. With the launch if its own set of emoji, Finland becomes the first country to do so.

These emojis are part of Finland’s Christmas calendar published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Finland). During the launch of these emojis, Director of Public Diplomacy said,

The emojis used especially by young people have revolutionised communications in the same way as the invention of the text message. Emojis are used to communicate visually rather than verbally, and that suits Finns (native of Finland).

These emojis are designed by Art Director Bruno Leo Ribeiro together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and will be free for download in app stores on December 1st.

Additionally, Finnish Christmas calendar will be available in 13 different languages – English, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Polish, and Turkish.

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