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Jalandhar is currently on the stage of developing the proposal with regard to its mission and vision for Indian government’s smart city project. The Municipal Corporation of Jalandhar is encouraging its citizens to share their suggestions to make Jalandhar a better smart city.

Smart Cities project aims to provide adequate water supply, 24–hour electricity, proper sanitation, safety & security of citizens, better public transport system, affordable housing, e-governance, healthy environments, as well as better education facilities.

Jalandhar is said to be the oldest city in Punjab, and was the capital of Punjab from India’s Independence in 1947 until Chandigarh was built in 1953.

Jalandhar as the sports equipment manufacturing hub of Asia, is home to more than 850,000 people, thus making the city a perfect candidate for the smart cities project.

Since Jalandhar has been selected for the smart cities project by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) among other two major cities of Punjab – Amritsar and Ludhiana. The city is currently on the planning stage to develop a proposal. City officials are encouraging its citizens for their help in drafting the proposal, to get selected among the first twenty cities that are to be funded by the government during the initial stage.

The first twenty selected cities will be receiving ₹500 crore in the next five years for this project. In order to contribute to this initiative, you can pitch in your suggestions for smart city Jalandhar at

Just make sure to keep your ideas within fifty (50) words limit and submit them before November 15th (Sunday).

Suggestions are coming–in since the initiative being posted on Citizens are suggesting building things such as special lanes for cyclists, traffics apps – to track traffic conditions, solar powered street lights, and better roads – to improve road safety.

Some of the suggestions in detail below.

Smart City Project should address major problems including inter alia, traffic & pollution, road safety, improved pedestrian infra., solid waste management including efficient road sweeping, public security, e-governance, employment generations, new investments, etc. – Yashwant Singh Chauhan
Jalandhar should have, (i) efficient delivery of public utilities such as water, electricity, solid waste, sanitation, and sewerage (ii) mechanism for supply-demand matching of surface transport services to provide congestion free roads, and minimal waiting time for public transport commuters (iii) active surveillance, monitoring, and alerts at vantage points in the city to provide the much required public safety for citizens and (iv) well established and good infrastructure (v) Regular cleaning of dumps & roads. – Nitish Luna
Should have a centralized (app based) system for complaints related to electricity, water supply, storm water drainage and related infrastructure services. The system should be a two way, providing response and consumer feedback mechanism. The solid waste collection and disposal need to be carried out in a scientific and sustained manner which is not being done at present. Traffic police is doing excellent job by imposing fines on traffic violations, but also need to generate more awareness. – Damanjit

Really creative suggestions from the citizens like creating traffic apps – which can help citizens make better decisions with regard to their travel routes within the city so they can avoid traffic along their way. Incident reporting apps, which can help the government and citizens directly interact with each other to quickly report and find solutions to problems such as water drainage.

Similarly, you can also submit your ideas for Amritsar at As the suggestions for Amritsar are also open until November 15th, though contest for Ludhiana has already been closed with a total of 2,206 suggestions from its citizens.

Engaging and getting feedback from the its citizens is a good initiative by the government. As only people can point out day to day problems they encounter while living in the city, and putting people at the core of planning is a major step towards the success of this project.

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