Twitter replaces its favorites (stars) with likes (hearts)

Yesterday, Twitter announced that the company is changing its star icon for favorites to likes, represented by a red heart icon.

As a reason for this change, Twitter mentioned that the heart is more expressive than a star, and the star could be confusing to use sometimes. As there can be a lot of things that you like, but those are not necessarily to be your favorite things as well.

Initially, Favorites feature was introduced in 2006 on Twitter as a way to bookmark tweets, and the new like (heart) button resembles to Facebook’s Like, which was introduced in 2009.

Still, as Facebook will soon be launching its Reactions feature to give people more freedom in expressing itself, as the like button is obviously not appropriate on several situations. Comparing the heart to a star, Twitter says tests showed that people loved and used the heart more than the star.

In addition to change on Twitter, the company is brining hearts to Vine as well, Vine had smileys instead of stars. This change is to make hearts as a standard across all three platforms – Periscope, Twitter, & Vine.

The change immediately started rolling out to iOS and Android, Twitter for web, TweetDeck, Twitter for Windows 10, as well as on tweets all over the internet.

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