5 Most useful Android and iOS apps from the month of October 2015

Everyday, hundreds of apps are released and updated on both App Store and Play Store, same goes for this month. With the release of Adobe’s mysterious “Project Rigel” as Photoshop Fix, which helps you to bring your retouching skills to the next level.

Along with major design and usability updates to apps like Waze – now makes it easier to navigate, reporting, and sharing with others. Yahoo Mail got the major update with regard to its design, and new features to completely eliminate use of passwords, and support for multiple mailboxes.

In addition to that, updates to Numerous and Google Keep, along with Microsoft’s new app for Android – Arrow Launcher. There has been a lot of apps released in October, but here are the most useful apps handpicked for you.

Adobe Photoshop Fix (iOS)

Adobe Photoshop Fix

This is the latest app from Adobe for your iOS device. Photoshop Fix helps you bring the power of Photoshop on basic tasks like cutting, combining, blending, retouching, and sharing your images to the web on mobile.

With Photoshop Fix, you can retouch and restore your images with tools like Heal, Smooth, and Liquify. It also allows you to lighten and darken your images to give them better quality.

Other tools you can use on Photoshop Fix are Colour – to desaturate images, Paint – to sample colours using eyedropper tool to be used with paint or pencil, Adjust – to give you more control over exposure, contrast, and saturation. Along with Defocus – which gives you the ability to blur parts of your images.

Another powerful feature in Photoshop Fix is the ability to alter person’s features and expressions with facial detection technology. Literally turning from a frown face to a smiling face.

In addition to that, you can send your images directly to Photoshop CC on your desktop for further editing. Photoshop Fix also makes use of CreativeSync technology to store files on the cloud, which are editable anywhere, on all your devices, allows sharing files with colleagues as well.

This tool is designed to be flexible to use for retouching, this is a requirement should you be into retouching.

Available on iOS for free.

Waze (iOS)

Less battery consumption with Waze 4.0

Waze is already an established player in the navigation and maps market. As it was acquired by Google in 2013, since then, nothing much has changed on Waze.

But with the latest update to Waze, it makes massive changes to design which has made navigation, reporting, and sharing much easier than before. Along with the new app consuming much less battery on your device.

The new Waze app makes starting a drive, sending locations and directions to friends hassle free by reducing the number of taps. Another feature added to Waze is the ability to send your ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) to friends and family.

Incident reporting has been given much focus, as the big orange button always sits right on the map for you to report any incidents along your way quickly.

In addition to that, smart reminders help you to leave on time based on the traffic conditions to your destination, which could help you reach on time and avoid missing important meetings.

Latest update for Waze is available on iOS, coming to Android soon.

Yahoo Mail (iOS & Play Store)

Yahoo Mail app design overhaul

With the latest update to Yahoo Mail app, support for multiple mailboxes has been added. New feature to eliminate passwords, and complete design overhaul.

With the updated Yahoo Mail app, you can add your Outlook (Hotmail) and AOL Mail within your Yahoo Mail. The new app introduces Yahoo Account Key, which uses push notifications to confirm if you are trying to log-in to your yahoo mail, allowing you to sign-in without a password.

Search has also been improved with the latest update to better search old messages, contacts, files, and photos within your mail.

New Yahoo Mail features

Also, you can connect Yahoo Mail to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to sync profile photos so those images can be used as contact avatars inside your mail, else it will just show your contact’s initials (similar to messages on iOS). Additionally, syncing with social media sites, contact information like name, company, email, and recent tweets are automatically synced with Yahoo Mail.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Numerous (iOS)

Numerous app preview

Want to keep track of important numbers at one place? then, this app is for you. Numerous is the perfect app keep track of numbers like your account balances (bank and credit cards), total visitors (from Google Analytics), days to your anniversary, exchange rates, and more.

With the latest update, you can track upcoming movies, and tv shows as well.

Additionally, you can integrate Numerous with Facebook & Facebook Pages – to track likes, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, and sync all numbers to Numerous app.

Numerous is also helpful in tracking your fitness activity like steps taken, distance walked, calories consumed. All these numbers are displayed back to you with interactive graphs in landscape mode.

Numerous is available for iOS, supports Apple Watch as well.

Arrow Launcher (Play Store)

Arrow Launcher by Microsoft

A personal launcher created by Microsoft for Android to help you quickly access your most frequent apps, take notes, access settings, along with the ability to message friends.

Over time, Arrow learns about your usage habits then automatically arranges apps according to usage – which means the apps you use, or the people you contact the most are listed on top for easy access.

Arrow provides other features like widgets, customizable dock, and reminders. Arrow is specifically created for Android, by Microsoft.

So above is the handy list for most useful apps from October. Any features or apps we missed from the list? Drop it in comments below, we’d love to hear suggestions from you. Additionally, we’ll be brining more similar articles in the future, be sure to check back later.

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