Chrome OS will become Android by the year 2017

Google’s operating system for laptops – Chrome OS, will soon merge with Android, company’s operating system for mobile. It is expected that fully merged operating system will be launched by the year 2017.

With Sundar Pichai leading Google, the company is trying to make both of its operating systems similar to each other, to decrease the number of platforms it has to work on. Similar to what Apple is trying to achieve with Mac OS and iOS.

The merger between two operating systems would mean, soon, you will be installing Android on your laptops, or lets say on your Chromebooks.

With Android on your smartphones and laptops, you will get the same functionalities on all your devices, just like Microsoft has achieved with its Windows 10 devices. By making Windows 10 available on all of its devices, which will help make apps more universal, and Android on Chromebooks will be able to benefit from the massive collection of apps on the Play Store.

As reported by The Verge, the merged operating system is likely to be demonstrated at Google I/O next year, then expected to officially release by 2017.

Additionally, Google confirmed that the company is not totally discontinuing the Chrome OS. Just merging it with another to make it better.

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