Here is how you can submit your suggestions for smart city, Ludhiana

Ludhiana Municipal Corporation is holding a live forum contest at, for you to submit suggestions with regard to your aspirations for Ludhiana as a smart city.

Since three major cities of Punjab – Amritsar, Ludhiana, and Jalandhar has been chosen as part of the Smart City Mission by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD). Now, the ministry is on the stage of selecting the first 20 cities to be funded in the initial batch, who will be receiving ₹500 crore in the next five years.

As a preparation for the selection, Ludhiana is working on developing the proposal, mission, and vision of the city, and would like to ask for your ambitions for making Ludhiana as smart city.

You need to answer the following question in maximum of 50 words.

What is your vision for Ludhiana as a smart city?

More than 350 suggestions has already been posted at the time of this article, some of the suggestions in detail below,

Ludhiana is a home for lakhs of people and animals as well. We witness stray cows, dogs roaming here and there, sometimes on roads, dividers, in the middle of highways resulting in accidents and gruesome injuries to the commuters and animals as well. First aid is given to the commuters but no body takes into consideration the injuries caused to the innocent animals. I feel M.C. should take serious and necessary steps for this major problem and should work for the innocent animals as well. – Anshu Pabreja
My vision of Ludhiana as a smart city would be a city that offers quality of life in terms of infrastructure. Good roads, well laid out and demarcated commercial spaces, streamlined traffic, animal pollution from vehicles, factories and energy consumption. Zero tolerance to violations of any kind. Disciplined approach by officials – no laxity for the influential. – Harpreet Bhatti
A city can become smart only with smart people. Foremost inculcate the feeling of my city, each on teach one. Public transport, public places must be fitted with cameras. The youth of the city should be involved in social service to the society such as regulating traffic, anti corruption, anti crime vigilance duties. Also it should be made mandatory for all the public and private sectors to adopt the areas around them for the above mentioned social causes. As its said, Charity begins at home. – Pahlavi Sethi

Some were as simple as,

I want to see Ludhiana as a green city. – Sumit Gupta
Traffic conditions needs to be improvised. – Abhishake Thakral

Further suggestions were on the safety of the people, especially women in the city. Including the need of more government hospitals, cycling lanes, city wide CCTV, well maintained roads, and proper parking lots.

Suggestions are primarily focused on issues encountered on a daily basis by the residents of the city like controlling pollution, improving road and traffic safety, as well as cleanliness in the city.

The contest is open until November 1st (2015), and the best 3 vision statements will be selected as winners. First prize is ₹15,000, second prize ₹10,000, and third prize is ₹5,000. As mentioned on, you can respond in English or Punjabi, the winner will be chosen based on the originality of the content.

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