Amazon India suspends deliveries in Punjab due to protests

Amazon India temporarily suspended its operations to all pin codes in Punjab due to the rising tension in the state.

Recently, there have been several protests all around the state because of the incidents with regard to disrespect of Guru Granth Sahib ji as some of the pages (Angs) were torn by unknown people, and the Punjab government failing to take necessary actions in order to catch culprits.

The news came on Wednesday, that Amazon have suspended its operations temporarily due to on-going protests and road blockades. Which might make delivering the goods difficult, to its buyers on time. In addition to that, with protests in all major cities, the company does not want to compromise the safety of its drivers.

Suspension of operations in the state, especially during the festive season, might disappoint customers and company’s sales too as Punjab is seen as one of the dominant markets for Amazon India.

Additionally, the company should properly inform its customers of the locations where deliveries has been suspended, instead of the customers finding it out when they already have spent enough time in finding the best product and ready to fill in the delivery address.

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