Here is the first Indian-American animated film from Disney

Disney-Pixar recently released a teaser video of upcoming Indian-American family film Sanjay’s Super Team. The movie focuses on a young boy who loves watching super heroes rather than participating in his father’s daily puja.

Sanjay’s love for the western culture conflicts with his father’s traditions, this is where the whole story of the short movie evolves around with Sanjay closely understanding his father’s traditions.

Sanjay’s Super Team will be the first Disney-Pixar movie to have an Indian protagonist. As it is created by Pixar animator Sanjay Patel. Patel have worked on several Pixar projects like Toy Story 3, Monsters, Inc., and The Incredibles.

According to Patel, the conflict he experienced with the Indian traditions and between his love for western culture has lead to the creation of movie, and his vision to share Indian culture to a much larger audience.

Sanjay’s Super Team is produced by Nicole Paradis Grindle, who have worked as a associate producer on Toy Story 3, and music is given by Mychael Danna – better known for his work on Life of Pi.

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