Facebook will now show notifications using cards design


This is another major design update to the Facebook app as the company starts rolling out newly designed notifications tab to Android and iOS users. According to Facebook, notifications under this tab will now be more expanded – gives you more information instantly (game scores & weather), and personalized – notifications based on your location (local news & now showing movies).

Notifications tab is where you check your friends’ status updates, likes, comments, and birthdays. Along with these notifications, now you will get further information about Friends’ milestones – like birthdays or important life events as cards.

New notification cards will also give you sport scores and tv show reminders based on the Pages you’ve liked, along with upcoming events you are attending.

If you enable location history in Facebook app, you will get more personalized notifications like popular local events, news, weather conditions, and movies playing in theatres near you. This tab will also list nearby restaurants that you can try along with restaurant reviews from Facebook pages.

According to Facebook, your current notification settings will remain the same, and you can change them any time in your Settings. In addition to that, you can also customize the notifications you see by tapping the arrow to the top-right of each card, or with Add More Cards at the bottom of the tab.

As mobile is currently the most dominant platform to consume content online, Facebook is making rapid aesthetic changes to its mobile app. Facebook recently announced major redesign for Facebook profiles, where you can add 7–second looping videos as your profile picture. Along with the ability to set profile picture just for few days, may when supporting an event, and revert back to original automatically after your specified time.

In addition to profiles, Facebook will soon roll out its dislike button called Reactions – a feature to give you more options in expressing yourself, rather than just liking the posts.

Currently, the update is rolling out to users in the United States.

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