Watch YouTube videos without ads with YouTube Red

At an event in Los Angeles, YouTube introduced a monthly membership method – YouTube Red. With YouTube Red you can watch videos without ads, save them for watching offline, play music in the background while you are writing an email or browsing the web.

YouTube Red costs $9.99 per month, and will be available for purchase starting October 28th in the United States.

YouTube without ads is basically much faster, allows you to switch apps while listening to YouTube videos. Before, YouTube videos would pause when you switch to another app.

YouTube Red is also giving you the option to save videos for offline, which you can watch later, even without the internet. When saving video for offline, YouTube asks you the quality of the video you want to save, as high quality videos can take up more space when saving.

With YouTube Red, the company is giving another choice for watching their favourite content on YouTube. The monthly subscription fee gives you access to YouTube Red on all your devices you are signed-in, including the Gaming and Kids apps from YouTube.

In addition to that, YouTube Red gives you access to YouTube Music – to be launched later this year, and Google Play Music. So basically, you get two streaming services for the same price compared to Apple Music and Spotify.

Along with the subscription based service, the company also introduced new “Originals”. Originals are series and movies from YouTube stars, which will also be available to YouTube Red subscribers only. Originals will start early next year.

With Originals, YouTube is trying to match stars born on the YouTube platform with stars from film and television creating shows like Scare PewDiePie, A Trip to Unicorn Island – which is a documentary about Lilly Singh’s world tour, Fight of the Living Dead, Sing It!, and many more.

Without the subscription, YouTube remains as is, so the company is just adding another service on top of the content already on YouTube and adding exclusive content to subscribers.

You can try YouTube Red for free with one month trial starting October 28th, then with $9.99 per month subscription fee.

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