Best To–do apps available on Windows 10

Who knows productivity better than Microsoft, right? But with Windows 10, Microsoft wants to rethink productivity by developing their operating system and productivity apps to be touch friendly, and universally accessible on all devices including desktop computers, mobile devices, and wearables.

We all have times when there are a lot of things that we need to do. But sometimes overwhelmed by the number of tasks, we completely forget and miss our important tasks.

In the digital era where we have overloaded our minds with crappy information. There come to–do list apps, to help us remember, organize, and prioritize tasks. To-do list apps help us stay on track and be more productive by getting things done.

To help you choose, and make most of the to–do list app for your Windows device. We have rounded up 8 best to–do list apps for Windows 10. Though some of the apps listed below are already well established on other platforms such as Android and iOS. With Windows 10, Microsoft is starting to get developers’ attention do develop apps for the Windows platform, thus making to–do list apps available on Windows.

Without further lengthly paragraphs of text. Here are the best to–do list apps available on Windows 10.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist App supported devices

Wunderlist is an elegant app to manage your to–do lists, with beautiful background for your tasks. Along with the ability to share tasks, set due dates, get reminders, and delegate tasks to others.

While recently being acquired by Microsoft, the app is doing pretty well on other platforms aside from Windows. Wunderlist also gives you the ability to add sub-tasks, notes, file attachments, and comments to your top level tasks.

With Mail to Wunderlist, when you receive an email that contains to–do tasks, simply mail it to All the tasks on the email will automatically be listed in your Wunderlist inbox, for you to work on. Where the email subject becomes task name, and the body is attached as a note to the task. This includes any attached files as well.

Another feature Wunderlist offers is the ability to save links and web pages to your tasks with Add to Wunderlist. In addition to that, you can use #hashtags to filter and group your similar tasks. The app also provides you with the option to print your to–do lists.

Wunderlist is available for download at Windows Store.

2. to-dos

to-dos Windows live tiles support

If you are addicted to sticky notes, then this app is for you. to-dos is simple yet a powerful app to manage simple to–do lists. You can view your to–do lists right on your start screen in live tiles, which also supports large tiles on the start screen.

With support for Windows tiles, this app literally wants to replace your sticky notes on your desktop. to–dos also lets you sync your to–do lists across all your Windows devices.

You can download to-dos directly from the Windows Store.

3. Todoist

Todoist Windows device support

Todoist is one of the powerful to–do list apps, available on almost all platforms. This app gives you the ability to create and manage tasks with simple and distraction free design.

With Todoist, tasks are categorized under projects and sub-projects, including an option to share projects with others. The app gives you a quick view of your tasks and sub-tasks for the day up to next 7 days, to help you prioritize your tasks accordingly.

You get dozen more features with Todoist premium like adding comments, file attachments, getting reminders through SMS, along with location based alerts. You can also easily organize your tasks with filters and labels.

In addition to that, you can add due dates with natural language like Friday at 4pm, or set recurring dates by simply typing every Tuesday at 7am. It also has an option to set priorities by colour-coding your tasks.

Todoist has an additional feature called Todoist Karma, to help you track your productivity and enabling you to see on which days you are most productive, which can help you further in scheduling tasks on your most productive days.

You can download Todoist for Windows from Todoist website.

4. Evernote

Evernote app supported devices

Though Evernote has ton of the other features such as taking notes, saving web pages, capturing handwritten notes, and creating presentations. It can also be used to manage to–do lists, along with reminders which allows the app to notify you when you have tasks to work on.

You can add to–do lists in Evernote by adding checkboxes to lists in notes, then set reminders by tapping or clicking the alarm clock button.

Download: Evernote

5. OneNote

OneNote is a notes app developed by Microsoft. The functionality of OneNote is very much similar, but not as powerful as Evernote. Both apps have similar features like note taking and capturing important information from around the web. OneNote also offers the ability to create to–do lists.

You can add to–do lists along with your notes in the app, and organize your content accordingly. Though similar to Evernote, you get really simple to–do list items with checkboxes to mark complete when done. Unlike powerful features in apps like Todoist and Wunderlist.

6. CleverToDo

With CleverToDo, you can divide your tasks into projects and contexts. This app also supports to–do lists in Windows live tiles. CleverToDo has an achievement system to keep you motivated in finishing your tasks.

Another feature in CleverToDo is to view your completed tasks history under Logbook, available on Windows store for $8.99.

7. Nozbe

Nozbe is also a promising to–do list managing app. Available for several platforms, including Microsoft Windows. With Nozbe, similar to Todoist, you can manage your tasks under projects and the ability of sharing projects to collaborate and assigning tasks to others.

Nozbe can be integrated with Evernote, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and more to help you get things done easily. The app comes with a one month free trial, afterwards with a fee of $8/month.

Download: Nozbe


Unlike other apps mentioned above, categorizes your tasks under goals. With, you can divide your goals, instead of projects, into smaller tasks in order to achieve them easily. Because managing your tasks under projects can really become cumbersome to manage when projects grow to larger number of tasks at hand, unlike goals, they remain consistent and onto the point.

Other features are very much similar to apps mentioned above. provides summary of your performance, and insights on your completed tasks within the day.


With a great line-up of to–do list apps for Windows above, its a great way to find a new app to try out. If in case you are already using one – we’d love to hear about your experiences with the app. Finally, with this handy list, hope you find a perfect to–do list app for your Windows 10 device.

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