Latest update to Waze app makes navigation and reporting a lot easier

Traffic and navigation app, Waze, got its biggest update since being acquired by Google in 2013. Latest version of Waze comes with a cleaner design that makes navigation, reporting, and sharing much easier.

Waze is a community based traffic and navigation app. Which allows users to share real-time traffic conditions along with any road incidents alerting other drivers nearby, to avoid road congestion.

In the new design, Waze reduces number of clicks needed for you to see important information like recent and favourite routes. Tapping the left button on the bottom of the screen pulls up the navigation menu including all of your frequent travels.

Waze 4.0 navigation menu preivew
Navigation Menu

Meanwhile, tapping the button on the right gives you access to your contacts along with number of actions you can take like sending directions, your location, and estimated time arrival to your family or friends.

In addition to that, the reporting menu is now located right on the map (the big orange button). According to Waze, the reporting menu is now much faster and has colour-coded categories for quick road incident reporting.

Waze 4.0 making reporting easier
New Reporting Menu

Reminders are also being added by integrating your calendar to the Waze app. Which allows Waze to notify you when it is appropriate to leave for your trip in order for you to make it on time.

This is a big update for Waze, major changes on the design of the app, to make things much easier for the users.

Additionally, the new Waze uses less device battery juice while running. New Waze app is now available for iOS and will soon be updated on Android.

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