DTC buses to get CCTV cameras and Wi–Fi connectivity

Delhi government announced today, that CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi will be installed on DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses by the end of the year. Installing CCTV cameras on public transport buses will actually ensure the security and safety of the commuters in the city.

According to Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai, as a trial for this project, CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi will only be installed on some of the DTC buses, then on the remaining number of buses subsequently by December this year.

Here is the official statement from the Transport Minister during this announcement,

Government has decided to install CCTV cameras and provide Wi-Fi service in DTC buses by December this year. For a trial run, the project will be executed in some of the corporation's buses.

The transport minister also said, both services (CCTV and Wi-Fi) are being started together to make the system future proof and avoid any further changes in the future. Currently, around 200 CCTV cameras have been installed on the DTC buses along with security home guards to ensure the safety of the commuters.

Installing CCTV cameras and providing Wi-Fi connectivity on DTC buses was one of the promises made by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) during recent elections in Delhi, thus the government fulfilling its promise to the citizens.

Adding CCTV cameras was much needed on the city’s transport buses because of the numerous incidents reported within the capital, primarily rape incidents, including the 2012 gang rape. This service would ensure the safety and security of the people especially women in the capital city.

Additionally, Google recently announced Delhi Public Transport Offline app to allow commuters get directions, check bus schedules, and get notifications about Delhi transit news. The app includes Delhi Transport Corporation buses as part its service.

The government officials also added, that Wi-Fi service will only be free for some time then afterwards people will have to pay as per their usage of the internet service.

In addition to that DTC noted that, total of three CCTV cameras will be installed on the buses. Which will have the capacity to record up to seven hours of video footage.

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