Here is the first Android phone from Blackberry

As reported in the earlier leak, Blackberry was planning to introduce an Android phone. Today, the company has released the teaser video of its first Android phone, Blackberry Priv. The device is now available for pre–order in the UK priced at £579.99 (around ₹58,000).

Blackberry Priv comes with an 18 megapixel camera, 5.4–inch HD touchscreen, powered by a hexa–core, 1.8GHz dual core and 1.44GHz quad core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor along with 3GB RAM. The device has a 3,410mAh battery.

Another major feature on the Blackberry Priv is its physical keyboard which also functions as a trackpad. The physical keyboard is really useful when writing lengthly emails, along with the trackpad to make browsing long web pages easier.

Blackberry has worked extensively on Android’s privacy and security capabilities to include Blackberry’s picture–login feature, in order to improve the security of the device. In addition to that, Blackberry Priv also provides services like Blackberry Messenger along with other messaging app options from Google Play store like Whatsapp.

The device also has WatchDox – for private file sharing; BBM Meetings – to attend private conferences; and SecuSUITE – which is for private voice calls. These services show that the device is really built for security and to give control to the user over their privacy.

With Android, Blackberry is trying to solve its apps problem as there are not enough number of apps available for the Blackberry OS. With Blackberry Priv, the company will be making available richness of Android apps on top of Blackberry’s own services like BBM and BBM Meetings on Blackberry hardware.

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