Moovit launches its public transit mapping app in Bangalore

Today, Moovit launched its public transit mapping app in Bangalore, India. The app allows you to check Namma Metro and Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BTMC) bus routes and schedules.

One of the best features Moovit has is the ability of its users to report any time delays, out of service lines, platform changes, and other incidents live, which can help commuters make any last minute changes.

With features like OmniSearch and En Route, you can get detailed information about the best available routes and directions for your journey. Moovit also provides you with information like your total travel time and notify you when you are close to your destination, which can be really helpful in avoiding station misses when you are busy with something, let’s say your smartphone, while on the go.

Moovit public transit mapping incident reporting preview

According to The Next Web, Moovit’s Vice President of Global Marketing – Alex Torres, when launching the Moovit service in India, said,

There are lots of features and data we can implement in real-time as we’re primarily community-driven. Plus, we bring all the know-how for mapping cities from working in hundreds of other locations, whether that involves working with users or government bodies. For example, Bogota’s unstructured bus system has been hard for users to navigate. We’ve been working with local authorities for about two to three years to map routes there. The same goes for Buenos Aires. With regards to monetization, we’re working with people around the world to come up with relevant solutions that work well for users, such as integrating cab services into our app in Israel. We’re also considering other routes like mobile ticketing for public transport.

In addition to that, Google recently launched Delhi Public Transport Offline app which also allows commuters to plan routes, get directions, and check schedules for Delhi Metro and buses in New Delhi. Though still in beta mode, it already has most of the features needed for a public transport app and Google is still accepting feedback from its users to further improve the app.

Public transit mapping services are getting more attention in India these days. As there are millions of Indians who commute to work daily, companies are seeing big opportunity in the public transit mapping area with Google and Moovit launching its services in the country.

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