Huawei completes first field test of 5G network, hoping to launch by 2020

Huawei and DOCOMO complete first large scale field test of 5G network in Chengdu, China. As part of the trial test Huawei was able to successfully stream live video of the trial test to its booth at CEATEC Japan 2015 trade show.

According to Huawei, this is the first large scale multi user technology test for the 5G network which involved total of twenty four(24) concurrently connected user devices. The average speeds during the tests were 1.34Gbps and reached up to 3.6Gbps.

According to the officials, Huawei is very committed to develop 5G technology standards, and launch first 5G network with its partners by 2018. Hoping to commercialise the network by 2020.

Huawei and DOCOMO’s partnership was announced last March 2015, currently both companies are working very closely to bring this technology soon to users around the world.

5G network will empower even the smallest devices to do heavy computational tasks and run rich content and services reliably. It is the first network that is built to be scalable, versatile, energy efficient, and will work best with Internet of Things such as washing machines, traffic signals, refrigerators, and smart bulbs.

New generation of networks are created approximately every 10 years as 2G networks were built for voice; 3G for voice and data; 4G for broadband internet; and 5G is being created to better communicate even the smallest devices with much computing powers to do more complicated tasks. 5G will bring computer processing to even the smallest devices making these the smartest.

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