An offline app to make commuting Delhi public transport easier

Google launched Delhi Public Transport Offline, an app for commuters in Delhi to plan routes, get directions, check timings, and schedules for Delhi Metro or buses in New Delhi.

With Delhi Public Transport Offline, you can search for Delhi Metro and bus directions along with timetables without internet connection. You can get offline directions for DMRC Metro, DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses, Gurgaon Rapid Metro, and DMITS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System) Orange buses.

Delhi Public Transport Offline app
Delhi Public Transport offline directions and timetables

In addition to searching for directions and timetables offline, you can get notifications about Delhi transit news and any Metro delays, though this feature requires internet connection to get updated information.

As mentioned by Google, this is an experimental app from Google Maps team in an effort to make it easier for New Delhi residents to get around the city using public transport. Since the app is experimental, you can help improve the app by sending feedback and Google might make changes to the features based on your usage and feedback.

Hope to see similar apps for other Indian cities as well from Google in the future.

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