Facebook to provide free internet from space


Facebook is on a quest to bring more and more people online, in line with that Facebook has announced its first project to deliver internet from space. By partnering with Eutelsat to launch satellite into orbit in order to connect millions of people to the internet.

As a starting point for this project, Facebook said that the new satellite called AMOS-6 will launch in 2016 and provide internet to large parts of sub-Saharan Africa, this includes 14 countries in total which would receive the service.

According to Eutelsat, AMOS-6 will be able to provide internet access directly to the smartphones of the users.

The internet from this satellite will be provided through Internet.org, which is company’s project to provide free internet access but you are allowed to use number of services including weather, news, and Facebook itself, but you would need to pay additional fees should you want to use other services that are not provided as free.

Internet.org was recently was under a lot of controversy in India with critics saying this service violates the principles of Net Neutrality in return several tech companies within the country withdrew from the agreement with internet.org.

Mark Zuckerberg in his recent Facebook post said that,

Connectivity changes lives and communities. We’re going to keep working to connect the entire world – even if that means looking beyond our planet.
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