Here are first 100 railway stations to get high speed Wi-Fi from Google


As Google recently announced Project Nilgiri, which aims to provide free WiFi access across 400 train stations in India using Google Fibre technology. Here is the map of first 100 train stations that will be connected to free WiFi from Google by the end of 2016.

First 100 stations to get free WiFi from Google

According to Google, 100 million Indians got online just last year which means there are more internet users in India than in every other country in the world except from China. But there are still around one billion Indians without internet access. Google is taking a massive step to provide fast broadband for Indians to access the web, to make the internet more accessible and affordable for the citizens of the country.

Indian Railways is the largest railway network in the world. By partnering with RailTel, Google is planning to cover first 100 railway stations with high speed free WiFi by the end of 2016, with the remaining 300 train stations to be covered quickly afterwards.

As mentioned by Google, these 100 busiest stations will make WiFi available to 10 million Indians who pass through these stations every day, making this project the largest public WiFi project in the country.

Free WiFi across railway stations would allow travellers to stream and download high definition video, reading materials, or do other things for entertainment. With this project Google wants to bring the next billion people online.

Additionally this project is one of the major digitation projects in the country to make Digital India a success, and help create more opportunities for the citizens of country.

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