Now you can add video profile pictures on Facebook

Facebook redesigns profiles, adding seven second video profile pictures, updated profile controls, and other design improvements specifically for mobile.

According to Facebook, people view profiles about 4 billion times a day and with this major redesign the company is putting the profile picture front and center. Another new feature being added to Facebook profiles is looping profile videos, where you can record a 7 second video that would automatically play when someone visits your profile. With looping videos, Facebook clearly want people to be more creative with their profile pictures.

New profile picture video on Facebook

Another new tool to express yourself through your profile picture is the ability to set a certain profile picture for few days and revert back to the original automatically after the specified time. This is really useful when you are supporting certain cause or event, just like people changing their profile pictures in support of digital India recently.

With new profiles you can add a short bio of yourself (even supports emoji!). Additionally, you can highlight up to five Featured photos of yourself that you want people to see instantly as they visit your profile. Facebook says that the company is giving you full control over the information that people see as they visit your profile. Everything is currently on the testing phase and according to Facebook will be rolled out to more users soon.

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