Microsoft joins in to bring low–cost broadband to 500,000 villages in India

During a dinner hosted in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that by partnering with the Indian government Microsoft will help bring low–cost broadband to 500,000 villages across India.

This ads Microsoft to the list as Google is already working on providing free WiFi access across 400 railway stations using Google Fiber technology by the end of 2016.

Nadella also said, We believe that low–cost broadband connectivity coupled with the scale of cloud computing intelligence that can be harnessed from data can help drive creativity, efficiency and productivity across governments and businesses of all sizes.

Availability of such services in the country would drive more affordable products and services and would provide access to opportunity to all of India, Satya added.

Additionally he announced that next week Microsoft is set to launch its cloud services operating out of company’s data centers in India which would be a big milestone for the country.

In line with India’s projects promoting local manufacturing and bringing more government services online Satya also noted, A key part of both Make in India and Digital India, bringing world class infrastructure into India, respecting India’s digital security, sovereignty and privacy is a key milestone for us.

This trip of Prime Minister Modi seems to be very promising in bringing services from the silicon valley to the rural villages in India which could be very fruitful in the near future for the citizens of the country as it would help build world class services in the country to empower next generation of businesses.

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