5 Most Popular Punjabi Fonts on the Web

Day by day Punjabi language is gaining its popularity in a lot of fields, especially in the Digital world where there are operating systems now available in Punjabi, large tech companies adding system level support for the language. With that in mind, we did some research to find the most popular Punjabi font styles used on the web today. So let’s dig in on the list.

1. GHP Full

GHP Full

This display font was created by Paul Alan Grosse from Billie the Cat. You would commonly find this font on sign boards, specifically in Sikh Temples. The word "Full" is a translation of "flower" in Punjabi.

According to Grosse, his interest in developing this font came from the sign boards at Gurdwara Patal Puri in Kiratpur Sahib. He used those signs as his reference in developing the GHP Full font style.

GHP Full comes with two variants for shadow type: Border type shadow and thick shadow font style. This is very beautifully designed font with lots of details in it.

Source: Billie the Cat

2. Gurvetica


This font is designed for legibility and very much similar to Helvetica font family, thus the name "vetica". Gurvetica is available in around 50 font weights/widths – from thin to bold. The legibility of the font is being achieved by mono-linear design.

It was created by Paul Alan Grosse as well.

Source: Billie the Cat

3. Raaj


The font with long tails, Raaj. This font style is gaining its popularity on the covers of Punjabi music albums.

Source: Sikhnet

4. Noto Gurmukhi Sans

Noto Gurmukhi Sans

This font is our personal favourite and is widely used here on Pendu Web. It is created by Google as part of the Noto font family which comes with a wide range of foreign language fonts.

Source: Google Fonts

5. Prabhki


The font is developed by Albel Singh based in England, and it is named after his daughter Prabhki Kaur. Albel Singh has a habit of writing Gurbani by hand thus resulted in the creation of Prabhki calligraphy font.

Source: Sikhnet

Do let us know by commenting below should you have any cool Punjabi fonts in mind.

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