Udacity is partnering with Tata and Google to open offices in India

Udacity with the help of Tata Trusts and Google is setting up its online university in India.

Udacity is an online university that offer Nanodegree programs and credentials designed by tech giants like Google, Facebook, etc. – to help professionals become Web Developers, Android Developers, iOS Developers, and many more.

Basically, Udacity offers online courses with monthly fees and provides verified certifications upon completion of the courses, which then can be used when applying for jobs.

Primary benefits of these courses are expert coaching, portfolio building, showcasing skills to potential employers. Additionally, graduating students will receive job placement opportunities with verified certifications at hand.

Now with this partnership, Google and Tata Trusts will be offering 1000 scholarships (500 each), so students can take Android Developer Nanodegree program for free from Udacity.

To apply for the scholarship, you need to take online assessment on this link.

For those without scholarships the courses would cost Rs 9,800 a month, 50% of which will be refunded if you graduate within 12 months of your enrolment.

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