iOS 9: Best new features you need to know


iOS 9 is Apple’s latest operating system for iPhone, iPod and the iPad. It was introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference last June 8.

iOS 9 is said to be an intelligent and proactive operating system, as it learns about user habits and can perform different actions based on the collected information like adding events to calendar when you receive any event information through email. Automatically opening up apps during different times of the day based on your usage of apps.

Siri also becomes smarter at search as deep search capabilities can show recent game scores, news, videos, and other content. Additionally you can do simple calculations directly in search without opening the calculator app.

iPad is getting some exclusive features like split–screen multitasking to run two apps side by side, and a picture in picture feature that lets you watch videos while doing something else with another app.

Major design change is the new San Francisco font in iOS 9, which was introduced first in Apple Watch.

Some under the hood changes are battery life improvement, security, and best part is the iOS 9 update will be much smaller compared to iOS 8. So let us dig deeper for more detailed information about new features.

New Built In Apps


When you first use the News app it will ask you to choose several topics you are interested in, and over time will automatically learn about your reading interests and suggest new reading material for you. News will have content from several content providers like Wired and The New York Times.


Notes is getting a major update in iOS 9 which allows users to add reminder checklists, and new sketching features. Also, Notes make it easier to save content from other apps, like adding URLs from around the web and taking photos directly within the Notes app.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is getting special update and according to Apple this is a major step to replace the physical wallet. Now you can add store credit cards as well as loyalty cards to the app. More importantly Passbook app will be renamed as Wallet in iOS 9.

Multitasking for iPad

This is the most awaited feature introduced to the big screen, multitasking, with features like Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture.

Slide over is activated by swiping left from the right most side of the screen to display the secondary app. With Split View you can view and use two apps side–by–side, both apps taking up equal space on the screen.

While with Picture in Picture you can watch a video or a FaceTime call while using other apps like mail or messages.

Much Smarter iOS

Proactive Siri

On iOS 9, Siri becomes much smarter with deeper search capabilities to show recent game scores, videos, as well as recent news based on your search queries. With newer capabilities Siri can quickly search for People, Suggested Apps, places nearby and as said, news.

Additionally, Siri becomes location aware and can do certain things based on your location like playing music when you are in your car and connect to the bluetooth. Also you can add reminders based on location with Siri.

Now you can do time based searches as well like Hey Siri, show me photos from the past month and Siri would bring up photos app with photos you took during the previous month.

Proactive iOS

With iOS 9 getting much smarter, it can now learn about your habits and do things automatically for you. iOS 9 can learn that as you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is check news so it can automatically open up the news app after your alarm goes off.

If you receive an email with flight details, it can automatically add it to calendar events for you.

Other updates like longer battery life, for security the passcode is now 6 digit which was before 4 digit only, according to Apple, now it is possible to to create one million combinations which would make cracking the passcode much more difficult.

Release date

iOS 9 will be available for download tomorrow, Wednesday – September 16.

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